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Movies Worth Seeing (1985-2011), the store where Gideon and Marcus worked and met. Photo by John Robinson, 1997.

Movies Worth Seeing (1985-2011), the store where Gideon and Marcus worked and met. Photo by John Robinson, 1997.

In days of yore, in legends and ancient stories, the first fruits of a harvest were given up to the authority of a culture to acknowledge the convergence of circumstances brought forth by a higher power that enabled crops to mature. For two filmmakers whose concept of mythology, storytelling, and filmmaking were pollinated by the films released on home video, nurtured by hours of browsing as video store patrons, grown during conversations exchanged over the counter as clerk and customer, and ripened by the brutal wit of business, we must acknowledge our gods.

With this in mind we honor Video Store Day. This year is a special one for us. For the first time in our lives we are able to offer our first fruits to the bold and brilliant brick and mortar institutions that still deliver the most enduring, tangible and intimate experience possible in our western civilizations' process of exchanging cash for content. 

Our plan from the beginning was to offer our film back to video store and hope they would accept it. To that end, the top priority for Gideon last week was to seek out every remaining video store in the United States. Some 100+ packages later were sent to those that remained; filled with a DVD and the following letter (See full list of stores below):

Happy Video Store Day!

P.S. Shout out to Videodrome out hometown store. Limo Ride now stocked.

“Dear Video Store Owner,

We are a pair of filmmakers that were fortunate to meet and start making films together over ten years ago, when we both worked at an independent video store (Movies Worth Seeing. Atlanta, GA. 1985 - 2011).

Upon this release of our first feature film, LIMO RIDE, we felt it only appropriate to pay tribute to those that remain by giving you a copy. So please accept this offering to your shelves, hopefully for you and your patrons to enjoy.

As you know, stores like yours are more than their catalogues. They are places for people to gather and commune over stories they swap. This can alter the course of lives. We're proof. And if you'd allow us a turn at your campfire, we'd like to give back with our own.

Happy Video Store Day 2016, Gideon Kennedy & Marcus Rosentrater @gideon_c_k & @maurcs”

Home Video Express

Backstage Video

Island Entertainment

Video Station Superstore

Family Video

Corenos Video Discount

Grindhouse Video

Opera House Video

Empire Video

Johnny's TV

Mike's Movies & More

Movies & Candy

112 Video

Movies in Motion

River Bottom Video

Bart & Greg's DVD Explosion!


Retro Video

Home Town Video

Movie Market

Fetch a Flick

We Deliver Videos

Video Horizons

Great American Video & Espresso

Four Star Video Cooperative

Playback Movies & Games

Barb’s Video

Film Is Truth

Scarecrow Video

Rain City Video

Reckless Video

Silver Lake Video

Rainy Day Records

The Video Store

Movie Madness Video




Clinton Street Video

Mr. Video

North Umpqua Video

Ya-Hots Video/Country Store

La Dolce Video

Video Droid

Awesome Video

Westside Video

The Video Shop

The Vidiots Foundation


Eddie Brandt’s Saturday Matinee

CarmelValley Video

Video Paradiso

Evergreen Video

Salzer’s Video

The Video Station

Village Vidiot

Louisa’s Movie House

The Flicks

Howard Hughes Video

Top Hat Video

Movie Lovers

Superstar Video

Casa Video

Video Magic

Facets Video Rentals

Odd Obsession Movies

Specialty Video & DVD

Video Strip

Video Warehouse

Video-N-Game Gallery

Video Universe

The Movies on 35th Street

Video Rentals & Tanning

Video Central

Viva Video


Hollywood Video

The Video Store

I Luv Video

I Luv Video

Vulcan Video

Vulcan Video

Premiere Video

Video City

RAO Video

King Tut Video


Vision Video

Orbit DVD

Rosebud Video Store

Visart Video

House of Video

House of Video

House of Video

Naro Expanded Video

Video Fan


Video Room

Alan’s Alley Video

Video Free Brooklyn

Under One Roof


Best Video

The Video Underground

Jet Video


The "Holy Grail" as referred to by the crew. This is a shot list of the most difficult, demanding day of shooting LIMO RIDE. Proves we can implement a plan!

The "Holy Grail" as referred to by the crew. This is a shot list of the most difficult, demanding day of shooting LIMO RIDE. Proves we can implement a plan!

If you've watched a video online in the past week chances are one of them was streamed through a service called Vimeo. Now, with the click of a button you can watch LIMO RIDE on your Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox, Smart TV, computer, phone and any device that has a Vimeo app. LIMO RIDE is available through Vimeo On Demand at $4.99 for rental, $9.99 for purchase.Vimeo is the second largest community driven video streaming service in the world after YouTube. Vimeo On Demand provides a unique distribution opportunity for independent filmmakers like us. We take home 90% of the revenue from rentals and purchases on the platform, and our title is circulated into the rich film-oriented Vimeo user base. In our effort to spread the circulate the film as widely as possible, Vimeo is high on the list.


The first interviews for Limo Ride took place in December of 2010. Tomorrow the result of all the work from then until now will be released into the world. (God help us all.) So many of you reading this gave us your time, money, energy, sleeping hours, trust, and (in some cases) your bare cold body. Tomorrow is a big moment for all of us.

While we hate to ask more, there is one last, very important, thing we request: please rate and/or review our film on IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Amazon and iTunes. It only takes a few minutes to create accounts and get through this list. You can do this right now using the following this:
Rotten Tomatoes:
Amazon (physical media):

Having a large set of, hopefully positive, ratings and reviews will favor the ranking of our film when it is listed on Amazon and iTunes. Having a higher ranking means more people will notice and watch our film. We want to see our film in the Top 20 of video releases in the categories for Comedy, Documentary, and Independent.

It must also be said that this is not just a marketing effort. As independent filmmakers, we want to know what you think. Your opinion is valuable to us.

In other news, we wanted to recap some of the coverage we've gotten this week. For MovieMaker Magazine, Gideon writes a breakdown of the lessons learned from making documentary and narrative films. SlackJaw Punks and Story Punch podcasts interviewed us about Limo Ride. We'd love it if you could share with your friends.

Hang on, we're about to punch the gas.


We're so excited to announce that as of today LIMO RIDE is available for pre-order on multiple platforms. Over the next few days we'll be profiling each platforms' advantages and how you can rate/review us.

Today we're highlighting LIMO RIDE on iTunes! iTunes represents one of the largest market shares for video on demand. We worked really hard to get our film on the platform, and we hope it opens us up to a whole new audience.

Here is where you can help. Rating and reviewing us on iTunes goes a long way. iTunes uses those ratings, reviews, pre-orders as factors in the way it ranks "popularity." Our goal is to be in the top 20 films in the comedy and/or documentary lists on iTunes the week we come out. We're counting on you, Limo Riders, to help us do that. (Here's a guide to rating on iTunes.)

LIMO RIDE is available on iTunes for $9.99 to purchase, $4.99 to rent. Click here to check it out! Even if you've already ordered it elsewhere, you can still leave a review.

Please also rate and review LIMO RIDE on these additional platforms:
Rotten Tomatoes:

All of these factor heavily in better store placement and thus better sales. 

Thank you so much for taking this ride with us!